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Seawater resistant butterfly valve
Product overview
Seawater-resistant butterfly valve adopts floating seat rubber seal form, can be designed as a two-way seal structure.
The double eccentric floating seat type is improved on the basis of the fixed seat, and the butterfly plate is optimized to effectively increase the flow area of the butterfly valve, reduce fluid resistance, and improve the flow capacity of the valve;According to different working conditions, appropriate butterfly plate sealing ring can be selected to ensure that the valve will not produce internal leakage within a maintenance cycle;
Valve body, butterfly plate, pressure ring and other parts are made of carbon steel or cast iron materials, effectively reduce the manufacturing cost, so that the valve has a high cost performance.
All parts in contact with the medium, such as ceramic wear resistant and corrosion resistant coating, can increase the resistance to seawater corrosion and erosion of the valve;
The valve axle sleeve is made of duplex stainless steel, and it is fitted with the axle hole on the valve body with interference, effectively preventing the corrosion of seawater on the axle hole of the valve body;